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SiphonLabs / MODX Cloud

SiphonLabs came out of MODX, LLC, with the goal of providing a unique approach to the ever-present life cycle management problem. SiphonLabs, through its snapshot technology, had found a solution to allow users the ability to stage their sites and present changes while keeping the live sites intact; as well as allowing the user to create site templates that could be snapshotted en masse into new builds.

I architected most of the system, including its API, billing, admin and dashboard applications. The "Agent" system behind the snapshot and Cloud (site) deployment process was co-architected by myself and Kevin Marvin, and was written with a combination of Ruby, Celluloid, Sinatra, 0mq, and other tech. At its peak, the system handled thousands of requests per second through its distributed messaging system, priority queue implementation, and threaded worker architecture.

The unified API layer, built in PHP and xPDO, was built also to scale to become a full public API system, as all the various apps (including the admin and agent tools) already used it in their day-to-day operations. The system as a whole had over a thousand rspec and phpunit-driven tests written and operational through a Jenkins continuous integration system.

During my time there, I built with the following tech: