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I worked 4 1/2 years at MODX, LLC, the company behind the Open Source CMS MODX. MODX consistently won praise and awards for being one of the most flexible and powerful content management solutions in the open source market, and has a strong hold on the niche market of agency design shops.

I had the opportunity to co-design the MODX Revolution CMS from the ground up with Jason Coward; we build the system with its own ORM layer, request handling architecture, and powerful plugin-based design. I worked with Jason and others in the MODX community to focus development of the CMS into its current iteration, and managed the ever-continuous cycle of development and testing that MODX employed.

I also architected and built over 30 Extras for MODX, including, but not limited to:

I was also the principal in the development of the MODX package distribution system, or MODX Extras, and many other pieces of the MODX infrastructure, such as its live maps, download system, tracking and analytics, and site gallery archives.

During my time there, I built with the following tech: