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KAG Gather

KAG, or King Arthur's Gold, is an indie build-and-attack game. Within the KAG community there was a group that wanted to play less "public" matches and more of a randomly-generated competitive game. KAG Gather was made to meet that need, and I built the system that ran it as a hobby.

The system runs as an IRC bot, in which players add to the queue, and when the queue is full, the system "creates" a match of score-balanced players to compete against each other. It uses TCP sockets to communicate with the KAG dedicated server, controlling the match flow through remote admin commands. KAG Gather also has a deep statistics and achievements system, as well as a complex user and clan ranking algorithm that allows for competitive and measurable play.

The project was also open-sourced, of which the repository and code can be seen here.

KAG Gather was built with the following tech: