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ReCaptcha Comments


This site’s comments section is powered by Quip, a commenting solution I wrote for MODx Revolution. Some of you have asked how I got reCaptcha support working with it. Well, to be honest, reCaptcha support is built-in to Quip.

First off, Quip requires 2 calls - one for displaying the comments for a thread:


This call in my ‘BlogTemplate’ template tells me to grab all comments within the thread for the current Resource. There’s also a ‘replyResourceId’ value which is just an ID of a Resource that has just a Quip call in it (it’s for replying to threaded posts). Then, there’s a Quip call for displaying the reply form:


This call tells Quip to display the Reply form for the specified thread, and notify me by email when a reply is posted. Note all I did to enable reCaptcha support is pass in a parameter called ‘recaptcha’ and set it to 1. Simple as that. Quip handles the rest.

The only other thing I had to do was set a few System Settings that had to do with my public and private reCaptcha API keys:

And then I set ‘recaptcha.use_ssl’ to ‘Yes’ for extra security.

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